Trendway - Power Arch
Trendway Power Arch
Power Arch
Column-based power and data distribution with a distinctive aesthetic.
Utility Flexibility
Overhead and beltway power, data, and lighting distribution throughout the facility with pre-wired column and beam system.

High Capacity
Power Arch beams accommodate up to 100 Category 5 cables, and offer power and data access at 24” increments.

Contrada standard components are SCS Indoor Advantage certified for indoor air quality.
Statement of Line
Power Arch Columns.
Power Arch Beams.
Electrical Components.

Power Arch Vocabulary
H - 3' 6", 8', 9' 10' 11'.
Stacker Columns are 1'.
45, 90, and 135 degree column assembly.

L - 4'8", 5'8", 6'8", 7'8", 8'8", 9'8", 10'8", 11'8", 12'8".

PowerPac Blocks distribute power horizontally.
Power Duplexes allow access to power circuits.
PowerPac Connectors and Harnesses.
Overhead Light Harness provides powering for customers own lighting.
Communication Modules provide access to communication cables routed within the Desk High Beam.
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